Stage 3 turbo upgrade manifold turbine housings

MMP Engineering

$ 1,500.00 

  • Stage 3 turbo upgrade manifold turbine housings
  • Stage 3 turbo upgrade manifold turbine housings
  • Stage 3 turbo upgrade manifold turbine housings

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This is a set of bolt on manifold and turbine housing upgrades for the stage 3 turbos to increase their max power output to 850whp on a built engine with ported head.

The turbine housing and the manifold are investment cast from high grade stainless steel.  the Nickle content of the high grade stainless steel chosen for the castings. It has double the nickle content of 316 stainless steel and therefore resists oxidation up to 1100C (2010F) under cyclic conditions as well and actually heat cycling between 1202F and 1742F increases the toughness of the material. There is no strength degradation at 1100C. For these reasons we chose this stainless steel alloy for the castings although it is much more expensive than cast iron that many turbine housings or manifolds are made of to keep costs lower. Also the investment casting process is a lot more precise having higher quality and much better surface finish compared to sand casting. competing vendors use cast iron sand cast for their manifolds to keep costs low but it is not nearly as good as this high grade stainless steel.

Included is:

  • two high flow manifolds, with extra large collector (4x bigger than stock)
  • two turbine housings optimized for spool for the TD04HL 46mm exducer turbine wheel
  • Gaskets, clamps, and manifold nuts.
  • Stainless steel wastegates welded in
  • manifolds and turbine housign together increase flow and reduce back pressure to raise max power on the N54 to 850whp twin turbo charged.

the manifolds and housings are invest cast from a high grade stainless steel that withstands the very high exhaust temps the N54 can reach without degrading in strength or oxidizing.  The casting process and material is much more expensive than typically used in turbos but MMP chose this process to achieve the highest quality control, finish, and reliability of the manifolds and housings.

This works to upgrade any MMP stage 3 turbos.

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