BMW N54 Built Engine Program

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$ 4,000.00 was $ 5,224.00

  • BMW N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N54 Built Engine Program

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MMP Built engine program is here to upgrade your engine to up to +1000whp capability!

The stock engine starts to see its limitation at the low 700s whp. Many that have boosted thier engine to 750WHP+ have eventully failed thier engine either due to a bent rod or failed ringland in the piston.  These are the two most common engine failures on the N54.  The stock rods are good for about 650wtq max before bending and the stock ringlands to about 750whp max before cracking and failing.  There is also an inherent weakness in the N54 block design in that it is an open water jacket deck design on the block.  This mean the cylinders are free to flex out at the top under higher stresses from bog boosted applications.  This limitation also shows up in the 700whp+ range with cylinders egg-shaping in thier wear pattern until eventually the rings don't seal well on the pistons anymore and the engine is shot.  This is speaking generally on failures, of course there are many other types of failures and exceptions on the N54 but geenrally the expiriance on the N54 platform in the last few years has shown this trend from tracking many big single turbo builds with stock motors on facebook BMW groups and the forums

If you want to hold big power reliably up to 1000whp+, you need to upgrade the engine.  The stock engine comes with forged rods, forged crank, and eutectic cast pistons.  The rods, even though forged and not a super strong cross section which is why they bend at high HP and not break.The forged crank has not met its limit yet in all the big HP builds.  The eutectic cast pistons crack and fail often the ringlands in high HP applications.

The basic MMP built engine package for $4000 includes the following (other sell this for $5997-7500, so MMP is by far the best value).

  • JE forged pistons (can be custom compression and range from 84mm bore (stock) to 85.5mm (Only if absolute needed because larger bore means less wall thickness and weaker cylinder wall)
  • decked block
  • balanced crank, pistons, rods assembly
  • block cleaning
  • all new gaskets
  • new hardware that is one time use replacement hardware as specified by BMW
  • Bore and honing cylinders in block with custom torque plate, test head gasket, and studs
  • Bed alignment with alignmnet jig
  • Ring gapping
  • bearing clearance meaasurement
  • Full long block assembly with special tools from BMW and torquing
  • Engine timing
  • compression test
  • leakdown test
  • 100% inspection of all components.  If something is found to have an issue and was expected to be reused, the customer will be contacted to approve the additional part cost.

warranty is not provided as no one else provides built motor warranties in the N54 market.  The reason for this is we have no control at all if the engine has proper fueling, setup, tune, maintenance, etc etc.

Options can be added to the build for higher HP applications

  • Carillo Forged Rods and high strength Rod Bolts
  • MMP closed deck block insert installed - includes CNC machining the block and the CNC machine block insert, installing the insert into the block, and decking the block.  this is also available seperatly a la cart for $1800
  • Custom ARP 2000 Head studs
  • Darton 130ksi Cylinder Sleeves
  • ported Head, fully rebuilt - includes everything detailed here

 The basic engine package is good for a blown stock motor that needs to be fixed because it has a blown piston or bent rod and will be rebuilt and  run in the low 700s whp range.  If you want to run 750-1000whp, you need to add the forged rods, ARP head studs, and closed deck.  the darton sleeves is if you want a 1000whp++ engine.  the ported heads gains 30% more flow about 50CFM more per cylinder at 1psi pressure drop, good for 50-75whp more.

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