BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program

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$ 3,500.00 was $ 5,000.00

  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program
  • BMW N55 / N54 Built Engine Program

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MMP Built engine program is here to upgrade your engine from a simple stock rebuild up to 1400whp capability with closed deck and Darton sleeves.

Now supporting N55 engine builds!

For 50% downpayment and 50% due when complete use coupon code "enginedeposit" on the payment screen.

The Built Engine comes with a 2yr unlimited mile warranty (limited to manufacturers defect not operational errors).  This is a big value and something many others don’t provide (more details on warranty below).

The stock N54 engine starts to see its limitation at the low 700s whp. Many that have boosted their engine to 750WHP+ have eventually failed their engine either due to a bent rod or failed ringland in the piston or spun bearing.  These are the three most common engine failures on the N54.  The stock rods are good for about 650wtq max before bending and the stock ringlands to about 700whp max before collapsing and failing due to a .007" ring gap stock, understanding that it depends on heat so if you beat on it a lot consecutively that has a high chance of collapsing the ring.  Also the stock engine has about a .001" bearing clearnace and with higher power a spun bearing is more probable with that tight of a clearance.  There is also an inherent weakness in the N54 block design in that it has an open water jacket deck design in the block.  This mean the cylinders are free to flex out at the top under higher stresses from big boosted applications.  This limitation also shows up in the 750whp+ range with cylinders egg-shaping in their wear pattern until eventually the rings don't seal well on the pistons anymore and the engine has excessive blowby, low compression, and smoking from oil in cylinders.  This is speaking generally on failures, of course there are many other types of failures and exceptions on the N54 but generally the experience on the N54 platform in the last few years has shown this trend from tracking many big single turbo builds with stock motors on facebook BMW groups and the forums

If you want to hold big power reliably up to 1400whp, you need to upgrade the engine.  The stock engine comes with forged rods, forged crank, and eutectic cast pistons.  The rods are forged and not a super strong cross section, which is why they bend at high HP and not break.  The forged crank has not met its limit yet in all the big HP builds.  The eutectic cast pistons crack and fail and often the ringlands in high HP applications fail from collapsed rings since BMW runs a very small .007” minimum ring gap on stock engines which is only good for the stock 300hp with heavy heat loading.

The basic MMP built engine package for $3500 includes the following (other sell this for $5000-$6000, so MMP is by far the best value).

  • New King bearings and new performance piston rings
  • cylinder bore and hone with custom torque plate, bedplate torqued up, head gasket, and studs
  • deck block
  • balance rotating assembly
  • block flush and cleaning
  • all new gaskets
  • new hardware that is one time use replacement hardware as specified by BMW
  • Bed alignment and torqueing with alignment jig
  • Custom Ring gapping depending on the HP application
  • bearing clearance setting and measurements
  • Full long block with head assembly with special tools from BMW and torqueing to spec
  • Engine timing with BMW timing tools
  • leakdown test
  • 100% inspection of all components to be reused (as listed below).  If something is found to have an issue and was expected to be reused, the customer will be contacted to approve the additional part cost.

This is a list of components replaced during every rebuild in addition to options chosen above

·         main bolts and head bolts

·         crank grip discs for hub gears

·         oil pan bolts

·         bedplate bolts

·         oil pump bolts

·         hydraulic chain tensioner

·         crank main bolt

·         crank front and rear main seals

·         cam bolts

·         CAM rectarings

·         intake valve seals – if doing a head cleaning job

·         exhaust valve seals – if doing a head cleaning job

·         head gasket

·         vacuum pump gasket

·         valve cover gasket

·         oil pan gasket

·         rod bolts

·         crankshaft hub friction grip discs


This is a list of items typically reused, if something is found to be defective visually it is discussed with the customer for replacement as part of their build.

·         timing chain

·         timing chain guide

·         vanos cam gears

·         oil pump and vacuum pump gears

·         intake and exhaust bearing ledges

·         valvetrain in the head

·         intake and exhaust CAMs

·         stock rods and pistons (if just doing a basic rebuild)

·         oil pump with oil splash shield and oil pickup tube

·         oil pan, block, bedplate head castings along with valve cover

·         crankshaft with hub and gears and main pulley

·         timing case plugs



Options can be added to the build for higher HP applications

  • JE forged piston kit including upgraded piston pins and high strength rod bolts and high-performance piston rings
  • Carillo forged rods and high strength WMC rod bolts with super high strength CARR rod bolts.  WMC bolts are good for 200hp per rod.  CARR rod bolts are good for 300hp per rod.  The rods themselves are stronger than rod bolts.  At 200/rod that’s 1200hp for the engine and at 300/red that’s 1800hp for the engine…so yeah these rods are plenty strong.
  • Low friction coated rod and main bearings, lowers bearing temp and increases max revs, this coating makes the bearings last much longer and are is extensively in hard racing applications, has even helped some finish races even with low or no oil pressure!
  • Coated pistons use the same low friction coating on the piston skirt as on the bearings that rides the cylinder wall and then ceramic coated on top for higher thermal efficiency in the combustion chamber, a great upgrade for anyone looking for the most out of their engine and to reduce friction losses.
  • MMP closed deck block insert installed - includes CNC machining the block to accept the insert and a CNC machined block insert, installing the insert into the block, and decking the block.  this is also available separately a la cart for $1500
  • Custom ARP 2000 Head studs with 1.5” thread engagement into the block to avoid stripped threads and to have higher clamping loads unlike others that sell ARP bolts for N54 with only 1” thread engagement into the block.
  • Darton 130ksi Cylinder Sleeves machined and installed into the block
  • ported Head, fully rebuilt - includes everything detailed here
  • Ferrea valves - this include high end racing valves, stiffer springs for higher rpm and retainers with keepers.  Valves are .5mm oversized to increase flow.  All the technical info on how great these valves are is too much to repeat here but can be found at this link.
  • there is also a engine swap program where we build you an engine from one of our cores, charge you a core fee, you get the complete engine, then you send us your engine back within 30 days and get a full core fee refund.
  • Shipping engines using uship costs about $150-200 anywhere in the US to Texas where we are located, one way.

The basic engine package is good for a blown stock motor that needs to be fixed due to having a blown piston or bent rod or spun bearing and will be rebuilt and run in the low 700s whp range with proper ring gaps, better rings, and proper bearing clearances.  If you want to run 750-1000whp, you need to add the forged rods, ARP head studs, and closed deck.  the darton sleeves is if you want a 1000whp++ engine.  the ported heads gains 30% more flow about 50CFM more per cylinder at 1psi pressure drop, good for about 10% more engine power at the same boost at higher power levels.

Here are the basic high level upgrades needed for a built N54 engine for increasing power levels.

M700 built engine – good for 700whp – stock rebuild – costs $3500

  • Includes properly gapped high performance piston rings and increased bearing clearances for high power to run the stock engine reliably at 700whp and 650 wtq max (due to stock rods), you can add rebuilding the head and changing replacing valve seals and decking the head for +$500
    3-4 weeks

M800 built engine – Good for 850whp – Rods and pistons – costs $5800

  • Includes everything in M700 package and adds the following: JE piston kit, Carrillo forged rods and bolts, you can add rebuilding the head and changing replacing valve seals and decking the head for +$500
    3-4 weeks

M900 built engine – Good for 900whp – closed deck – costs $8525

  • Includes everything in M800 package and adds the following: CNC closed deck and ARP head studs (although head studs is a good upgrade to any of the packages as head bolts are generally undesirable), rebuilt head, coated bearings
    7-8 weeks

M1000 built engine – Good for 1000whp – ported head – costs $10,700

  • Includes everything in M900 package and adds the following: ported head, coated pistons
    7-8 weeks

M1400 built engine – Good for 1400whp – Darton Sleeves, ferrea valve train – costs $14,700

  • Includes everything in M1000 package and adds the following: Darton 130ksi high strength sleeves, CARR rod bolts, ferrea valve train
    12 weeks

Also ferrea valve train, ported head, and coated bearings and pistons is a great upgrade that can be added to any of the packages as a great upgrade

  • The ferrea valve train is very high strength, has stiffer spring to run high rpm without valve float, uses titanium retainers
  • The ported head increases head flow by 30% increasing power at high levels by 10%.
  • Coated bearings make them a lot more reliable same with coated pistons and reduces friction increasing power and max rpm.
    12 weeks

2 yr Engine Warranty Details

  • starts from day engine is delivered
  • only covers repair of the engine, it does not cover any shipping or installation costs.  Engine must be returned to MMP for inspection and repairs.
  • Only covers new parts installed in the engine, not any reused parts used from the core
  • covers manufacturers defect on new parts and assembly errors
  • does not cover operational errors which include dirty oil, oil breakdown from lack of oil change, overheating, detonation, running engine with low oil or no oil, injesting water, and any other operational error
  • Running the engine significantly over the rated power for your options

 Satisfied Customer Review of top level built engine




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