BMW N54 ported and polished head

MMP Engineering

$ 1,999.00 was $ 4,000.00

  • BMW N54 ported and polished head
  • BMW N54 ported and polished head
  • BMW N54 ported and polished head
  • BMW N54 ported and polished head
  • BMW N54 ported and polished head
  • BMW N54 ported and polished head

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MMP offers the absolute best bang for your buck in ported head work.  Flow bench test results are posted here and the improvement is staggering.  36% increase in flow from the MMP porting, from 165 CFM per cylinder to a staggering 225 CFM per cylinder at 28" hg pressure drop!!!  Turn around time is 1-2 weeks and includes the following:

  • disassembly of the head and inspection of all components including valve guides
  • cleaning and inspection of all valves
  • full intake and exhaust porting increasing head flow 30%
  • decking flat the head on CNC machine
  • new exhaust valve seals
  • new intake valve seals
  • complete rebuild of the head to BMW specifications or better, checking all tolerances and clearances
  • valve and seat lapping individually for perfect valve seal
  • final assembly inspection for ship out

If during inspection a component is found to be out of spec or damaged, you will be contacted with the information and additional cost to replace damaged components.  The cost assumes all valve train components can be reused, which is the almost every time if a good healthy head.

Head needs to be shipped in a sturdy box that wont damage during shipment.  I can quote you shipping here and provide a label and return shipping.  It will be around $40-$50 each way.

Head must be sent in with cams, cam ledges, lifters, and rollers removed.  Only the valve train left in the head.

Before and after porting pictures of intake and exhaust ports shown in the pictures.

Ferrea full valve train is available for +$2000 and includes high stregth valves (12 intake, 12 exhaust), qty 24 high rate springs (good for 10,000rpm according to Ferrea engineers), qty 24 titanium retainers.  If only interested in the high rate springs and retainers good for 10,000 rpm only +$1000.

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